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Ijen crater

In Spring 2013 we visited a
friend who lives in Ireland. Surrounded by boundless gray stone panoramas, rain
produced dense roadside jungle, Steven colors the world a bit differently.
Making his own world.   >>><br>

Driving together through the
surrounding areas we stopped in a place which can be called The Forest of
Secrets. In that place Steven often walks his dogs, ‘cause you can be alone there. Almost none come to that space even of those who live nearby.   >>><br>

The few minutes of quiet walking
paths of this forest will remain as one of the most important while visiting

In Summer 2012 while traveling in
the lands of the former Yugoslavia we felt like wanting to visit still little
touched by tourists Uvac river canyon in Serbia. It was going late when we
realized that we got lost a bit. Canyon appears to be only a small part in the
big reserve. Then little Fiat drove past and stopped. A man got out to help
us and offered his father’s farm to spend a night.   >>><br>

There we met a father Milos,
there we built the tent on his grass, there we tasted sour milk for the supper
and were invited to drink the morning coffee.   >>><br>

Simple and special Serbian house atmosphere,
hot milk, shot of spirit drink and smiling faces.   >>><br>

Milos lives with his
ninety-year-old mother. We speak language of gestures and it seems perfectly understand each other. He accompanies us till the bus stop, gives a
few dinars for a journey and invites to come here in winter when snowdrifts
come to a few. Then stops the first car – cheaper than bus, but do not take cash back – will be for food. We move. Milos waves
hand.   >>><br>

It’s strange to see grandparents,
living their whole life in a lone house, who come to visit us in Vilnius. <br>It’s
strange to watch contrast where the eyes grown in nature meet the city
factories’ blocks.