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IYv - "Upės"

Dec 27, 2017
"Upės" (en. "Rivers") is the debut album of IYv - a new music entity by Vytenis (Skeldos) and Inga (Rūkana).

It's an album about travelling. About hearing of birds, close to the rock chains, which twists on the surface of mountains, through marks of our memory just like the rivers. The album is recorded in the exclusion, in a log barn and wooden summerhouse. It’s decorated with deliberately left spontaneous inaccuracies and coherent crookedness. Nostalgic loops of ambient tells a natural story of composers: approaching gritty earth, crackling fire in the night, live rain and swimming through his streams.Įrašyta: 2015-2017

2017 by:   Skeldos (SLS-03); Ghia (GHIA008)

C40 professionally duplicated audio cassette / 5-panel J-card / dl code / ltd. hand-numbered ed. of 72.

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or write to: inga@rukana.lt.